Online Marketing - A simple guide to understand A to Z

Online Marketing – A simple guide to understand A to Z

Many times you must have heard the word online marketing and with this growing age of social media and internet, you must have heard about it at least once. So when I heard about this for the first time the first question went through my mind what is online marketing??

I searched it online so as you and was amazed at how people are making tones of money through this leveraging field. Both the business owner and online marketers are making a profit from online marketing.

When I am writing this article I am assuming that you don’t have an hour to read an unnecessarily long and boring article. SO I will keep this article short but informative and I will cover all these topics that are part of online marketing. So let’s start…

Online Marketing Overview

So in this overview, I will give you a basic idea about online marketing. So there are two types of marketing first is traditional marketing and second is online marketing.

As you already know that traditional marketing includes advertising and promoting your products through banners and pamphlets.

But this that way of marketing doesn’t work in today’s world where most of the population is online and hypnotized by there screens. Here online marketing comes into the game.

Online marketing is a very vast field that includes, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC ( Pay Per Click ), SMM (Social Media Marketing), Email Marketing, Content marketing. Although this is a very general idea of this vast field and it is much deeper. But before diving deep let’s learn all the basics one by one.


1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

So SEO is one of the most important and difficult modules of online marketing because it requires a lot of patience and hard work from a marketer.

If you ask newbies in online marketing about a skill that they want to be a master in, 60% of them will say SEO.

what is SEO and how does it work?

As it is clear from the term Search Engine Optimization it means optimizing your content according to search engines like google, bing, yahoo, and others. Since Google dominates this industry with 90.46% of the market shares so we focus mainly on google.

Optimizing your content according to the search engine helps you to rank higher on the search results.

There are many factors in the SEO that decides your ranking on search results. You have to follow some techniques like On-page and off-page SEO to rank your website. Ya… as I told you earlier that it is a very vast field so here we go. These are two parts of SEO.

On-page SEO

On-page SEO is the practice that we do on our website to optimize it. Now you must be thinking, just tell me fast what are all those practices. So given below is an On-page SEO checklist.

1. Choose your targeted keyword or keyphrase.

2. Now write the content of your website according to that keyword. Make sure that the keyword density must lay between 1-2.5% only. You should avoid keyword stuffing.

3. Internal linking is one of the most important factors in on-page SEO. It makes search engines understand the niche of your website. So do the internal linking of your articles.

4. Now write the meta tags of your website such that keyword must be included in it.

5. Place your targeted keyword in the alt text of your website’s images.

6. You should analyze your competitor and try to make your content better than his.

7. Also, check the load time of your website as it also affects your ranking. Try to make it load within 3 seconds or less.

8. Check that there must not be any broken links to your website.

Off-page SEO

Similarly of page SEO includes activities that we do outside of our website. I have given a checklist below of off-page SEO.

1. Use Social media – Analyze your keyword niche and find out what are all the social media networks that suites your niche. Make your profile and start updating posts regularly.

2. Build Links- Build links with authority websites in your niche and try to take backlinks from them. Remember if your website is related to the furniture than backlinks from the furniture website will work, but if you make backlinks from dog food websites it will not work.

3. Reach out to your audience- Who is your potential customers or reader?? So your potential customer is the customer of your competitor am I write? Use tools like Buzzsumo to find people who shared your competitor’s content then go to there profile, collect their email and ask them to share yours.

4. If you are starting a new business then directory submissions will also help you.

5. At last, I will say that you should focus more on creating quality content rather than making backlinks. Like, you should invest 90% of your time in creating content and 10% time in making backlinks.

2. PPC (Pay Per Click)

PPC which is also known as the cost per click. Here the advertiser has to pay money based on per click by the user to the advertising network.

This kind of advertising is the fastest way to drive to traffic to your website and to increase your conversion rates. If you are launching a new product then it is also very useful for your product or brand awareness.

For a successful PPC campaign, you have to find an expert online marketer who is a specialist in PPC campaigns. Because if you will try PPC without an experienced marketer you may have to face loss, the amount of loss will depend on the competition of your niche.

Although there are many PPC advertising platforms you to choose one from like Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising and the fastest immerging platform is Amazon Advertising.

Below mentioned are some types of PPC advertisements:-

1. Text Ads

2. Display Ads

3. Shopping Ads

4. Video Ads

3. SMM (Social Media Marketing)

As clear from the term, Social Media Marketing is about marketing your content to social media users. Similar to PPC, SMM also requires a specialist social media marketer for a successful campaign.

Social media is one of the best ways to get traffic on your site and marketing your product. But social media is also the most frequently changing platforms in terms of trend.

Suppose if you have the page of your brand on facebook, so today you can’t just do your brand promotion all the time. That just not works today.

Look what popular pages do, they also provide some value to their followers. Suppose they if they update 10 daily posts on their social media then only 1 or 2 posts will be promotional out of those 10, rest of the posts will provide some information to them.

Now if you start your business then you must be thinking that you will create your page and you will skyrocket your following, but sadly that’s not true these days.

PPC (Pay Per Click)
PPC (Pay Per Click)

Every social media platform is decreasing the organic reach for the users. Shockingly Facebook, the biggest social media platform has significantly decreased its organic reach by up to 50%.

Today every social media wants brands to spend more money on advertisements to reach out to their users. It is understood because advertisements are the main source of their revenue.

We have to understand that every social media is a business and they are here to make money.

4. Email marketing

Email marketing is the most underrated module of online marketing probably because the open rates of emails are very low.

But if you ask an experienced online marketer then he/she will surely prefer you doing it, because they know the importance of email marketing.

Therefore despite being underrated all the popular brands still prefer online marketing. According to me if you are a new brand then nothing can be better then building an email list of your customers and then shoot mails to them.

This helps you to bring recurring traffic to your website. And if your product is good they can be your loyal customers.

Besides this, email marketing is the best way to show the existence of your brand in the market.

But the same goes with email marketing as you just can not always promote your product. Because it is seen that this strategy irritates the customer he can unsubscribe you. This also decreases the click rate of your email marketing campaign.

So rather than just promoting your brand, you can provide some value to customers likewise you do in social media marketing.

Email marketing
Email marketing

5. Content marketing

Ya…. finally the last point of online marketing is content marketing. So content marketing is a way to capture the mind of your customer or I should say a potential customer. The most simple way to do content marketing is to create awesome content first.

You can take inspiration from your competitor’s content and write better content than them. You can use free SEO tools like Ubersuggest and Ahref to do that.

The most difficult part of content marketing is to find a good content writer and trust me… good content writers is a very rare species on this earth. But, if you have the money you can go to the sites like Fiverr and hire freelancer content writer.

So there are many ways of doing content marketing some of them are mentioned below.

  1. First and my favorite way is through infographics.
  2. Webpages are the most common way of content marketing.
  3. Ya… A podcast can be on the great ways to do content marketing. As people like to listen to things more.
  4. Video is the most effective way of content marketing.

Apart from all these traditional ways of content marketing, brands are adopting some creative methods to engage their audience.

For example, Amul is a dairy brand in India, they react in a sarcastic way to the incidents that happen in India and around the world. Some examples of their content marketing campaigns are given below

They react to PM Modi and President Obama’s meet.

Content marketing
Content marketing

Reacting on drink and drive issues.

So these are all the general and must learn modules of online marketing. As I mentioned earlier also that it is a very vast field, so this is just a general overview. In the upcoming articles, I will discuss each module in depth.

So, the above content was all about online marketing modules, trends, etc. But now let’s talk about career opportunities in online marketing.

Career opportunities in online marketing

Since online and the internet is the present and future, so if I think about such a career where you can grow immensely with your skills in a short period ummm…. of course that is online marketing.

Online marketing is such a vast field that has something to offer for everyone if they are ready to invest their time.

But before getting into this field ask the following question to yourself.

Am I ready to do a never-ending research and learning process?

And if the answer is yes then you are most welcome in this field. Now let me tell you that 2020 there will demand of over a million online marketing professionals in Europe alone. But there are very few skilled people to fill them.

So don’t worry you are not late, start learning today.

At last, I will say that an online marketer without proper marketing skills is of no use. Today online marketing has gone to the next level. A marketer must know how to use tools and collect data from them. So start developing your skills.

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