Importance of Backlinks in SEO 2020

Importance of Backlinks in SEO 2020

Search engine optimization includes a lot of on-page and off-page strategies, link building or getting backlinks are one of the many off-page strategies. In my previous articles, I have discussed briefly how to make backlinks?

And you must have already started following those strategies to get the backlinks. But most of us are still not aware of how backlinks work and affect our overall SEO process and what is the importance of backlinks? In this article, I will try to make you people understand all those points in detail on backlinks.

So let us start with a general overview.


What are backlinks?

Backlinks are simply a hyperlink from other websites to your website. Suppose if you are talking about some hair product on your blog and on the word “hair product” you give a link back to the website that sells them, then that link is a backlink to that product selling website.


Types fo backlinks

Do-follow backlinks:-

These are the backlinks that a crawler follows. We have to paste a do-follow tag in the HTML of the link. This indicates the search engine’s crawler to follow the link and index the content inside that link.

Example: <a rel=”nofollow” href=””>Cheap Flights</a>


No-follow backlinks:-

Similarly, we have to paste a no-follow tag in the HTML of the link. This tag indicates the crawler not to follow that link and eventually, search engines do not index that link.

So this was a general overview of backlinks, now let’s talk about the main topic.

Example: <a rel=”nofollow” href=””>Cheap Flights</a>


Importance of backlinks

I think that SEO is one of the most dynamic and ever-evolving fields till the date. What is working today may not be working tomorrow.

Before talking about the importance of backlinks in SEO I want to take you back in time. So that you can understand the things in a better way. 

Back in 2014 SEO was pretty easy. At that time people used to make backlinks from irrelevant websites and still managed to rank their content.

In that way, SEOs used to manipulate the rankings at the search engine. And as we all know that Google is the biggest player in the market.

So Google started rolling out updates in its algorithm. These updates kicked out all the malicious activities like link farming, getting backlinks from irrelevant websites, etc. from the to-do list of SEO.

Today all these activities are best to get penalized by Google. So to understand the importance of backlinks we have to understand them from the perspective businesses and Google as well. That was the reason I explained all that history to you.


How backlinks are important for search engines?

Backlinks help the search engine to crawl and discover new content and index that to its database. Backlinks are a major part of Google’s algorithms on the basis of which Google decides how to rank the content.

When it comes to ranking the content on the relevant keywords, Google looks at whether the content is of sufficient quality or not.

But writing higher quality content and creating backlinks is not just enough to rank. There are 200 different parameters on which your content is judged by Google.

Of course, no one knows all those parameters. Here a question comes up then How can you monitor whether you are obeying them or not?

So for that Google’s co-founder, Larry Page introduced an Index called Pagerank. By this index, you can check your score. This index is also used by Google to check the quality of the page primarily based on the no. of links pointing to it.

So I will advise you to follow the white hat techniques only to make backlinks. Don’t ever try to fool Google


How backlinks are important for business?

Now you must have understood how backlinks give the signal to the search engine to rank the webpage.

So in the last segment of this article on the importance of backlinks, we will discuss how backlinks can help you to grow your brand and website.

1. Increases your domain authority

Getting backlinks from a higher DA website increase the authority of your domain as well. But for that, you have to maintain the relevancy in your backlinks.

Suppose if you are writing content on Google’s marshmallow update then you can’t’ take backlink from a food blog on the marshmallow, as it isn’t relevant.

Let`s take another example like you are writing an article on a bodybuilding diet plan and there is another website that is related to food blogs so you can consider a backlink from their website. Because somewhere it is relating to your content.


2. Building relationships

Link building involves the outreaching to the websites and blogs in your niche. While outreaching you are just frequently promoting your product via article or infographic.

This outreaching doesn’t only helps you to get the links but also helps to build long term relations with websites and influencers in your niche. These relations help to build trust in your product between your audience.


3. Quality referral traffic

Building links not only helps you in SEO to get organic traffic but it also helps you to get referral traffic as well. If you manage to get a backlink from a relevant and high traffic website then it can instantly boost your referral traffic.

These relevant referral visitors can be your potential customers and can increase your sales graph overnight. And this traffic also brings link juice with them which will gradually improve your SEO score.



So I hope now you have understood the importance of backlinks in SEO and building a brand online. Although it was a general overview of the topic. To understand the whole concept of link building you should read my other articles as well.

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