How to get Adsense approval for new website

How to get Adsense approval for new website

Hey finally I got google Adsense approval for my website so today I’m gonna share how I got AdSense approval for my new website and step by step process to help you. Let`s get start about my journey.

If you have a new website and want to know a full guide read the full article.

I applied for Google Adsense on 07 September 2019 and got approval from google on 8 September 2019. If you are a blogger and want to show Google Ads on your website then you must have to know about policies of Google Adsense. In 2019-20 it a very tough job to get approval from Google for your new website.

Google Adsense approval requirements

As you guys know content is the king nowadays and Google is the king of all the existing search engines. That is why it always recommends valuable content to users.

In order to get instant approval for your website, you have to create an original website with valuable content. Avoid copy content from existing websites on google, it could be a breaker for approval from google.

In my opinion, you have to write at least 5 unique articles with 1000 words density of each. Along with the required pages like about uscontact usBlog and privacy policy. I got approval in 3 articles only but I don`t recommend you to write only 3 articles.

What I did before applying for Adsense approval

Buy a Domain

In the first step, I bought a top-level domain (TLD) from GoDaddy. You can also buy from GoDaddy or somewhere else but I always prefer Godaddy for purchasing a domain.

I always tries to buy a .com domain because it is a very convenient extension for the users and google also recommends it more as compared to other extensions like .in,, .au, .pk, .io, .de, etc.

Buy a Hosting

It is a very essential part of a website. A hosting should be very fast because the speed of your website matters a lot for Google and users too.

I bought my website hosting from TMD Hosting. It is one of the best hosting providers in the world. You can also buy from it otherwise there are a lot of good hosting provider available in the market like-

  • Siteground
  • Bluehost
  • Godaddy
  • Hostgator

If you don’t know about the hosting and want to know a full guide on Best hosting for your website, just comment down below. In short, just remember it is an online server for your website storage.

Install WordPress

I have created my website on WordPress. It is an open-source platform (CMS) for website creation. You can also choose WordPress otherwise there are a lot of CMS available in the market like Blogger, Weebly, Wix, etc.

You can also develop your website on coding if you have knowledge of code but remember you have to write very long code for a single functionality.

Website Theme and Required pages

After installing WordPress I installed a very good free theme from WordPress library i.e. Airi WordPress Theme. I like this theme because it fulfilled my entire requirements like the design of header-footer, menu, and sidebar.

Then I created all the required pages like Homepage, about uscontact usBlog and privacy policy as I told in starting of the blog.

I have designed all the pages with my favorite page builder Elementor. It is a free plugin for web page creation. You can also use it for your WordPress website.

Logo, favicon, and images

Create a unique logo and favicon icon for your website before applying for Adsense approval for your website. I`ve created my logo and favicon with the help of Photoshop. You can create on Canva if you don`t know photoshop.

Remember do not try to steal images from another person`s websites. This activity can penalize your website. Always use copyright free stock images.

Some websites for free stock images

Write quality blogs

I know I got Adsense approval for my website in 3 quality blogs but I will again recommend you to write at least 5 blogs before applying for Adsense.

Quality means On-Page SEO optimized if you don’t know how to write a quality blog just comment down below for a guide on it.

Important Plugins WordPress plugins


Jetpack is an important plugin for your website, with the help of jetpack you can get alerts when your site goes down.

It also allows you to measure quick analytics of your website even you don`t have Google Analytics on your website. Along with this it also provides a free CDN for images. You know the importance of speed of a website.


It is a free page builder for WordPress themes. With the help of Elementor user can create beautifully designed responsive pages. You can also get some pre-designed pages templates in Elementor.

Yoast SEO

Yoast is like a must having a supplement for a WordPress website. It helps us to manage on-page SEO for all the pages of our website. with the help of Yoast SEO plugin, we can manage on-page SEO of individual pages including meta tags. It is one of the best free SEO tool.

WP super cache

Wp super cache allows your site to make caches from user`s system. If a user is loading any page for the second time, it will load faster as compared to the previous attempt because of this plugin. Don’t forget to install this plugin.


Autoptimize will help you to minify unused or you can say extra CSS and Javascript. You can make your site faster by optimizing CSS, Javascript, Images and Google fonts.


It reduces the size of the image without losing the quality of the image. Imagify also helps in making your website faster apart from it light images also help in SEO. We can save the bandwidth of our hosting with the help of this plugin.

These are the plugins which I installed before applying for the Google Adsense approval. You can notice last 3 plugins are helping to enhance the website speed so don`t forget to install these plugins.

You can also use alternates of these plugins like you can replace Imagify by Wp smush, wp super caches by w3 total caches, there are a lot of alternatives available for all the plugin. So try your favorite plugins on your website.

Remove Dummy Content

If you have a WordPress website, make sure your site doesn`t have any dummy content like text, images, menus, buttons, footer, sidebar, etc.

Remove all the dummy content from your website before applying for Adsense approval.

That is it for today guys, subscribe the website by clicking on the red button for notification of our upcoming articles. if you also want to know how to apply for Adsense approval, just let me know in the comment section below.