top 7 free SEO tools to gain free massive traffic

Free SEO Tools To Gain Free Massive Traffic (Top 7)

If you are a person, who is just starting a blog or website and don’t wanna spend on paid SEO tools. But want some free SEO tools, then my friend you have clicked on the right blog.

Because in this blog, I am going to tell you about some SEO tools which are free and which will help you to achieve the results you wanted.

Although there are many SEO tools out there more than 90% are paid, but I will tell you right and perfect SEO tools to boost up your blog or website traffic.

Now without any further due let’s get started:-

1. Google

I know you might think that are you joking, but no. What I am trying to say that some free SEO tools are provided by GOOGLE. Which helped me during my days, and I am sure it will help you too.

1. Google keyword planner:-

It was my best weapon during my days because it helped me find the right keywords for me, and it is an essential thing for you too. WHY? 

Because if you don’t have an idea, that what is my website or blog is going to about. You will be like a plane without an airport. 

It shows you that the keyword you are gonna target is right for you or not by showing the volume ( traffic ), CPC ( cost per click ), competition. 

2. Google mobile-friendly test:-

As we all know very well that there are more users on mobile than a laptop, tablet, and PC. So whether you are starting a blog or website, you have to it make mobile-friendly. 

One more reason is, now google give more SEO benefits to a website which is mobile friendly. 

This is where you need this test so that you can find out that your website is mobile-friendly or not. 

2. Yoast 

Yoast is the most powerful and effective free SEO tools, and which is my personal favorite and I still use it. 

Because it will not just help you, but guides you to make your content SEO friendly. Most of the time when we are writing a blog or post, we don’t know what is the problem. 

So this is your teacher which will help you to learn how to make your blog or website Seo-friendly. It is a WordPress plugin when you install and activate it.

When you start writing a post or blog, it shows you that what are the problems with your blog or post that is stopping your blog to become a Seo-friendly blog with the help of this tool you can solve those problems easily. 

One more thing it is the easiest to use “tool” I have ever seen. 

3. Screaming frog 

So third on our free Seo tools list is a tool called ” Screaming frog “. Sometimes it happens with your website, that because of some technical issue hit your Seo efforts, and you don’t know what is the real issue.

This is where Screaming frog tool helps you. When you submit your website on it, it starts analyzing and crawling your website like Google’s crawler and find the real cause within seconds.

Then it creates a report in which you can easily see what is a problem with your site. It also helps you to fix the problem, this tool also has a great feature of finding duplicate content on your website. 

4. Woorank SEO tool

WooRank is a must-have tool if you are looking for free Seo tools. Do you know why? 

Because it is a digital answer for your Seo problems, It helps you to generate an automatic report by using cloud-hosted software.

With this, you get the full review of where your site is lacking and it gives you easy to understand report. So that you can fix those problems. 

It also provides some personalized tips to boost your website traffic. It has been like a 2-3 month since I am using this tool, and I have been seeing a good result. Before this tool, I was struggling with finding what is a cause, why my website is not ranking. But now everything is sorted out. 

5. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is one of those free Seo tools, which are not just effective, but powerful at the same time. 

I know some of you might know about but some of you don’t, so for those who don’t know. It is free and easy to use a tool created by Neil Patel for those who are struggling to find keyword ideas. 

Let’s see how to use it properly, it is easy to use all you need to do. Just go to this tool type the keyword you want to rank for, and then you’ll see SEO difficulty, search volume, and CPC. 

If the SEO difficulty is between 1-10 then you can easily rank on that keyword, but if Seo difficulty is between 10-40 it means, it is now a little bit difficult for you to rank. But guys, if Seo difficulty is between 40-100, that you have to fight too long to be ranked on the google. 

One more thing the great feature of the tool that I found amazing when typing your keyword and find it difficult to rank, it shows you the very relevant keyword. 

On which you can easily rank your website or blog. 

6. Keywords Everywhere 

When we are talking about free SEO tools and not talking about “Keywords Everywhere” it is not possible. This tool is somewhere related to previous SEO tools like Google keyword planner and Ubersuggest. 

It shows you the traffic, CPC, and competition on the keyword you enter in it, I know you might be thinking that what is the difference between this and the previous tools. 

Friends, there is a huge difference ” it is like a mobile so you can talk to anyone at home rather than go there own “, let me explain it to you. Whenever you want to know about the traffic, CPC, and competition on any keyword. You will have to go into that tool then log in, after that enter your keyword after that you get the results.

This is a too lengthy process, but when you use this tool ( Keywords everywhere ) and after completing all settings, whenever you enter any keyword in your Google search bar and search it. 

You will see the traffic ( monthly searches ), CPC and competition on that keyword right below the search bar, in this way you don’t have to log in into something and then get the results. 

You will also get the relevant keywords right side of your screen. It helped me a lot. 

Note:- It is good if you want quick results for any keyword but I would say if you have patience then go for google keyword planner and Ubersuggest too. 

7. Seobility 

So final on our free Seo tools list is a tool called ” Seobility “. It happened a lot of times with me when I am giving my 100% but still not getting results I wanted. 

I know, if you are just getting started or in the middle. This also happened or about to happen with you too. So with this tool, you now have the answer to your problems, which are difficult to find.

So basically, when you start using this tool, it analyzes your website and you get a very deep report about your site that where your site is lacking for example-

  • Page loading speed 
  • Sitemap error 
  • Broken links 
  • Technical issues 
  • And so on… 

Getting this type of data from a free tool is rare because I have tried so many tools but I’ve found 97% of this type of tools are paid. 

Now you have all my 7 best free Seo tools to bring massive traffic to your website or blog and earn some cash. Use these and in the end, all I can say is have FUN. 

Conclusion:- Using free Seo tools at the initial level is good, but if you think that you can bring millions and millions of audience just by using these free tools then you are wrong. 

I would suggest that if you have started earning through Google AdSense or somewhere else then you should invest in the paid SEO tools also. Because once you reached a high level, you can not just rely on free tools, to survive in this high competition you have to go for paid tools. 

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