Content Marketing Examples And Complete Guide

Content Marketing Examples And Complete Guide

Today we are going to discuss content marketing. We create a lot of content daily without our knowledge like Whatsapp status, Instagram post, Instagram story, Youtube videos, tweets on Twitter, writings on some websites like YourQuote, Quora, etc.
Content Marketing is all about what you bare telling to their peoples in the form of image, video or audio.
Content marketing a strategy to build long term relationship with your client or audience, by providing the high-quality content you can earn the trust of your audience. It will help you a lot to make your final sell with your audience.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing plays a very important role in both forms of marketing either it`s Traditional Marketing or Digital Marketing. Traditional Marketing is becoming less popular because digital marketing providing us a truly relevant audience to our prospect.

Why brands rely on content marketing?

Many types of research from popular content creators shows that most of the brands rely on content marketing instead of paid advertising because paid advertising a short term process for any campaign but content creation is a lifelong process for high PR (public reputation).
All popular brands like Nestle, Amul, Patanjali, Nike, HP, GoDaddy. etc. are using high-quality content marketing. Thay is spending a lot of money on the creation of content.


Types of content marketing

Today we are living in the era of digital marketing. According to a survey, video accounts for more than 70% of traffic.
Mainly there are four types of content marketing such as text, audio, video, and images. Today I will tell you about 2 platforms for publishing your in each category.

Video Marketing


Video Marketing is the best option to nurture your audience with video marketing. It can increase conversion rates by 80%. Now we will discuss all kinds of video that helps in the engagement of customers.

Educational Videos: With the help of educational videos, you can educate your customer about some related to the topic of your niche. It helps a lot in brand awareness of your company.

Social Media Video: The special feature of social media is increasing visibility and increase engagement. It will help you to drive traffic on your site.

Explainer Video: This type of video can explain your product or service in brief. Its a successful type of video for YouTuber facebook or twitter paid campaign.

Webinars: Webinars is a web-based video presentation that transmits your content over the internet.

How to videos: As the name refers how-to videos are prominently made to customers guidance.

Customer testimonial videos: Customers testimonial video is a good solution for sharing your previous customer’s experience with your new customers. It`s a powerful strategy to generate customer trust with our brand.

FAQ Videos: The main goal of the FAQ video is to provide simple terms and conditions, relevant information and common queries of our product OR services.

Platforms for video content marketing

youtube, tiktok, and igtv

1. Youtube
I will prefer youtube for video content marketing in the first position because YouTube has over 1 billion users, It`s almost one-third of all people on the Internet.

On the second position, I would like to recommend IGTV. It`s a very popular platform among youngsters. IGTV is like Instagram`s youtube for mobile.

3. Tiktok (bonus)
Yupp…It`s a bonus from my end. If you are thinking to go with video content marketing don’t ignore Tiktok because it also has over 500 million active users worldwide.

Audio Content Marketing

The radio may be a classic platform, but audio marketing is making again comeback. Audio content is becoming very popular among all the youngsters because we don`t have time to watch videos on a screen. In this busy life busy we can listen to the audio by playing in a car OR we can listen to audio even when we are going to a metro. Audio content is the future of content marketing.

Platforms for audio marketing

1. Anchor is one of the popular hosts for podcasts. Anchor provides free podcast recording and distribution of podcast in all major websites with a single click.

2. Podbean
Podbean is my second recommendation. it is a paid tool but it worths its price. It provides unlimited hosting service, distribution, and promotion of podcast on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Amazon Alexa, and the popular apps with 24×7 support.

Text content marketing

Did you know? People love to read things about a company before getting in touch with them. A company can attract more clients or customer simply by having a blog. A blog can help them to get know about your company or service. A company seems more genuine and open when it update the blog regularly.

Platforms for text content marketing

1. Medium
It is a high domain authority website. Medium has over 60 million monthly readers. You can start on medium without any knowledge of SEO. It will help itself in ranking your articles over search engines.

2. StoryChief

StoryChief is an editorial CMP. It allows us to create and publish interactive articles over multiple channels at the same time. This means it is possible to publish an article simultaneously in multiple channels such as Medium, WordPress, Shopify, etc. as well as in social media channels.

Image content marketing

Image content marketing OR visual content marketing refers to using images to deliver quality and valuable content. Images can attract your customer towards your business but the image should be prominent and catchy.

Platforms for Image content marketing

1. Pinterest

It`s surprising everyone when research founded that Pinterest took the lead with 57% growth while Facebook’s member base grew by 6% by overall member growth and Pinterest added more American users than Facebook and Twitter.

how many peoples in the USA use pinterest
how many peoples in the USA use Pinterest

2. SlideShare
Slideshare is also a community to share our visualized content in form of presentation (PPT). It will amaze you that more than 25% of visitor directly comes from google and the rest of users comes from other platforms and social media.